OCN mobile ONE Prepaid SIM for VISITOR

3,780 JPY(Consumption tax inclusive)

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SIM Size Nano / Micro / Regular
Maximum Speed 150Mbps (These are maximum specifications and are no guarantee of actual working speeds.)
Service 14 days / 100 MB per day / Data-only
Price 3,780 JPY(Consumption tax inclusive)

Terms and Conditions

Please reconfirm the size of your selected SIM, as SIM size cannot be changed once purchased.

Please understand that the maximum SIM card registration and use period, and use of the tranmission service, are for only inside of Japan.

I have confirmed about what devices are supported.
(This shop cannot guarantee device compatibility. Please refer to the "Supported Devices" page.)

I understand that after purchase I may not under any circumstances request a refund, return the product, change the SIM size, or change where the product will be sent to.

I purchase this product having read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Important Notes.

I understand that the device may transmit data without warning due to such reasons as automatic software updating.

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